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A Certain Ratio
A Certain Ratio
Though formed in Manchester's late-'70s punk scene, A Certain Ratio used an increasing amount of electronics throughout the '80s to become more of a dancefloor-oriented band, much like Factory labelmates New Order. The group (whose name is a pointer to a Brian Eno song) was formed in 1977 by vocalists Simon Topping and Martha Tilson, bassist Jeremy Kerr, guitarist Peter Terrell, and guitarist/trumpeter Martin Moscrop -- drummer Donald Johnson later joined as the drummer. New Order manager Rob Gretton was impressed by early live shows, and spread the word to Tony Wilson, who signed A Certain Ratio to his fledgling Factory label and became their first manager. In 1979, ACR released the drummerless "All Night Party"/"The Thin Boys," their debut single, and recorded the studio and live sides that were released the following January as The Graveyard and the Ballroom.
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